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nasa hackathon



Services: Identify new files added Convert new file to

API? Web Front End Push notifications email IM SMS

To Do Amazon Credentials/Setup Checkout github code and analysis Analysis Data Set How to distribute Data Set Setup AWS Account

Questions How often does the data set change? Is this something we care about for this challenge? Historical data is very important, and will be additive How quickly to return a response? Where to put code? Do we want to use the provided AMI? Prefered Operating System Anything Linux

Examples Is a volcano active in a given location Notify when a location wind hits 15 knots

Amazon Technologies Elastic Storage? Details of Nasa/JPL requirements

Djaongo Stack Instance for frontend

Talk to the NASA devs

NetCDF/HDF libraries - Interfaces and bindings -

Geospatial Indexing on DynamoDB -

Architecture suggestion: CDF data -> Elastic MapReduce -> DynamoDB (for Geospatial data)

Django EC2 Instance Simple:

Django/Redshift pysocpg2 >= 2.5 django 1.5

CDF data (on S3) -> Elastic MapReduce -> RedShift -> JPL visualizations (



CSV Schema for Redshift <time (epoch?), ,, <z (maybe null)>, <data (json blob)>


Adam Boyers Gregory Sterling Ray Slakinski Tarun Agrawal