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This is a session backend for Django that stores sessions in Cassandra

The advantage to using this over other solutions is that your data is persistent unlike memcached, and Cassandra is designed to store key-value data like this, so performance is much closer to that of memcached than with a database.

Note: This work was initially based off of tokyo-tyrant-sessions by @ericflo.


  • Lazyboy (Use Ian Eure's version as it supports 0.6.1 of Cassandra)

Installing cassandra-sessions

  1. download the source and run

    python install

  2. Set 'cassandra-sessions' as your session engine, like so:

    `SESSION_ENGINE = 'cassandra-sessions'`
  3. Add settings describing where to connect to Cassandra:


  4. Create the Keyspace and Column Family in Cassandra:

    <Keyspace Name="Testing"> <ColumnFamily Name="Sessions" CompareWith="UTF8Type"/> <ReplicaPlacementStrategy>org.apache.cassandra.locator.RackUnawareStrategy</ReplicaPlacementStrategy> <ReplicationFactor>1</ReplicationFactor> <EndPointSnitch>org.apache.cassandra.locator.EndPointSnitch</EndPointSnitch> </Keyspace>