Prometheus Agent that collects vaccination data in Ontario and exposes it
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Prometheus Agent that collects vaccination data in Ontario and exposes it


Covid Data for Ontario is retreived via the Ontario Data Catalogue which is retrieved hourly

Poulation Data

We are using the population data from Statistics Canada for Ontario 2020


$ go run main.go

Reading metrics

$ curl -s localhost:8080/metrics  |grep ont

# HELP ontvacstat_eligible_population Total population eligible for the vaccination
# TYPE ontvacstat_eligible_population gauge
ontvacstat_eligible_population 1.1971129e+07
# HELP ontvacstat_previous_day_doses_administered Previous day doses administered
# TYPE ontvacstat_previous_day_doses_administered gauge
ontvacstat_previous_day_doses_administered 105382
# HELP ontvacstat_total_doses_administered Total doses administered
# TYPE ontvacstat_total_doses_administered gauge
ontvacstat_total_doses_administered 2.940166e+06
# HELP ontvacstat_total_doses_in_fully_vaccinated_individuals Total doses in fully vaccinated individuals
# TYPE ontvacstat_total_doses_in_fully_vaccinated_individuals gauge
ontvacstat_total_doses_in_fully_vaccinated_individuals 657719
# HELP ontvacstat_total_individuals_fully_vaccinated Total individuals fully vaccinated
# TYPE ontvacstat_total_individuals_fully_vaccinated gauge
ontvacstat_total_individuals_fully_vaccinated 328598